Industrial Zoning

The City has two unique industrial zoning classifications. I-1 for light industrial and manufacturing business, and 1-2 for heavy industrial users. The zoning map below highlights those different zoning classifications.

In addition to the existing zoned areas the City will consider rezoning requests on a case by case basis, provided the request is in line with the goals of our Master Plan. To learn more about the rezoning request process view the flow chart here.

State/Federal Incentives

Depending on the nature of your project you may qualify for state and federal incentive programs. The Office of the City Manager is responsible for assisting businesses in identifying and securing state and federal support. The following list is provided for informational purposes, if you have additional questions please contact the City Manager.

Site Plan Review Process

For more comprehensive information about our site planning process please view our Resources page. The following is a simplified summary of the process for securing site plan approval.


Step 1: Conceptual Review. Before undertaking any new project developers are strongly encouraged to contact our Building and Zoning Department for a Conceptual Review meeting. This is a valuable opportunity to discuss your project, permitting requirements, timelines, and project-specific zoning and building regulations. If requested, staff may perform preliminary research and provide feedback as needed.

Step 2: Site Plan Review Application. Site plan review requests should be submitted at least thirty (30) business days prior to a regularly scheduled Planning Commission meeting. Planning Commission meetings are held the first Tuesday of the month but special meetings may be requested for an additional fee. You can download a copy of the site plan review application here.


Step 3: Planning Commission Approval. The Commission will meet publicly to review/approve your site plan. Depending on the request, the Commission may apply certain contingencies or stipulations to their approval.